Flora and fauna forms the vital part of this universe and it brings about the balance of the ecology called biodiversity in common parlance. Off late the issue of climate change due to global warming is widely discussed the world over since they are turning to be the cause of many disasters that encounter humanity across the world. Most of the degradation has been caused by mankind in more ways than one. Among the careless acts are deforestation of the forest, industrialization that pollutes the air and causes ozone depletion, indiscriminate mining causing severe erosion of the river beds and water bodies. Cutting of the trees on mountain and hill top causes severe landslides due to surface run off and lack of water storage trough on the mountain tops that acts as natural reservoir.

Apart from the above mentioned damage caused by mankind, the global warming due to industrialization has led to the melting of the ice in the North and South Pole and in other snow capped mountains like Himalayas and Alps. These snow capped melt due to rise in temperature and the water from them begins to cause excessive flooding of the rivers leading to flash floods and washing of the low lying areas along the river bed, such as Brahmaputra and the Ganges in India. Flooding of rivers happen all over the world due to global warming and drastic climate change. This phenomenon is prevalent in all the industrially developed nations in this planet earth.

Natural calamities such as earth quake, psunami, flash floods, torrential rains, torpedoes are all attributed to the global warming and climate change factors. Since this issue is threatening the very face of mankind existence, the whole world is waking up to collaborate and to find solutions to counter the ill effects of climate change. Among the varied steps to counter the disasters are to start afresh massive tree planting program across the nation in order to control soil erosion, to prevent damage caused by cyclone through trees since they act as very good wind barrier. Trees planting also help to get seasonal and conventional rains due to their power to attract rain clouds during summer seasons.

Many social work agencies are now collaborating with government agencies towards finding solutions for this climate change in our nation and to create widespread awareness among younger generation in order to carry forward the act in order to save this earth from great peril that threatens the very existence of humanity due to various natural calamities. Safeguarding the environment can be engineered as a mass movement in order to achieve good progress in the endeavour. R & R Trading promoters have embarked in the Farmcil venture in order to contribute their share towards the global greening mission with the introduction of their product namely the eco friendly pencil that continues to grow after its purpose of writing ends in the hands of tender kids.

It is always said that any good deed should be started at the tender age in order to carry forward successfully as a task and as a good habit for the children. Farmcil as a products does not stop as a mere writing medium in the hands of the kids, it helps to inculcate among the children the noble act of nurturing nature and to make it a routine in their every day schedule. Its also make them feel important in this world and gives them the sense of complete satisfaction that they are part of the movement called greening the earth and to curtail and global warming and climate change