About Us

Farmcil is a concept derived by two industrious computer science engineering graduates named A. Rajakamalesh and S. Ranjith Kumar from this bustling industrial city Coimbatore. Rajakamalesh hails from traditional business family engaged in spice trade in Coimbatore, while Ranjith hails from agricultural family settled in Madurai.

Their family and educational background has sparked in them the need for committing themselves towards social issues such as global warming, rampant pollution of earth and other similar issues that harm the welfare of humanity in general. They came together with a firm mind to contribute their share to make this world a better place to live. This strong feeling helped them to innovate their ideas and hence this Farmcil was born. This name Farmcil is named so in order to emphasise the importance of farming in our nation and to preserve the green fabric on earth. This is an innovative product one of its kind in India. Rajakamalesh is also an management graduate with an MBA degree, while Ranjith held key positions in MNC companies like Bosch and ……………..for two years after graduation and now on his own with this venture R & R Trading Company along with Rajakamalesh. The two R’s refer to the first alphabet in their names.

After great hard work and perseverance they invented this pencil called Farmcil this year 2016. This product is patented under the intellectual property rights law under their name and the trade mark registration for this brand is under process. This product Farmcil aims to impress upon small children the importance of farming and ecology preservation. Also this concept drives home the point to inculcate the habit of nurturing nature among tender kids while they start to use pencils in their kindergarten classes.