R & R Trading Company, Coimbatore are engaged in the manufacturing of innovative and technology based stationary and learning aids for children and grownups. These products are slated to impart strong values among small children, such as the habit of nurturing nature and to save the environment where they grow from pollution and degradation of the earth. Inculcating good habits and healthy practice at the tender age goes a long way in moulding an excellent character and personality in a child.

R & R Trading Company is promoted by two computer science engineering graduates A. Rajakamalesh and S. Ranjith. Their creative thought process and an eye for innovation resulted in the birth of Farmcil. Farmcil is the pencil that grows into a plant, contributing to the preservation of the ecology and mankind. Farmcil the pencil has various seeds at the end of the pencil placed inside a capsule. The wood used is totally natural and free from any toxins since children tend to put the pencil in their mouth while using them for writing. The seeds in the pencil capsule are of the vegetable as well the flowers bearing plants. They are tomato, brinjal, lady finger, chilly, cluster beans under the vegetable category. Whereas under the flowering varieties they are Verbena, zinnia, cockscomb, sunflower and balsam.

Farmcil seeds start to germinate in three to ten days depending on the plant variety. They  begun to yield flowers and vegetables in 40 – 50 days time. The joy of seeing the plants bloom with colourful flowers and green vegetables, gives children a sense of thrill and attachment towards the plants they have nurtured with care. Gardening slowly becomes a habit for the small children as they grow with pride and sense of responsibility towards nature preservation.

R & R company has plans to introduce many more such innovative products through their research and development and the team is continuously working towards the same. They are very firm to come out with products that contribute to welfare of the people and the environment around them. Thereby ensuring the future generations, a clean green world with abundant flora, fauna and perfect health.  


The main vision of the company is to introduce more innovative products and eco friendly products which will create awareness and to use latest technology for positive purpose and growth.


we are focused in the delivery of innovative and high quality products to our customers and to provide them a world class experience that makes them feel welcome and valued and also to have better relationship with our business associates.


The driving force of the company is to make good business with our customers and to enable them to earn profit and their growth is directly considered the progress of our company.